Your financial assets:

  • We prepare an audit of your assets (performance, compliance with your risk profile, pricing ...).
  • Together we determine your risk profile and build a rationalized asset allocation strategy to help you achieve your goals and meet your interests.
  • We select managers and bankers by tender.
  • We negotiate and monitor the pricing of these investments.
  • We prepare consolidated reports that include all of your assets, which will not only compare performance, but also ensure that the evolution of your investments always corresponds to your investment profile.

Your other asset classes (real estate, private equity, art, philanthropy ...):

We seek investment opportunities for you and we pledge to accompany you in their implementation while ensuring your interests:

  • Your property: we assist you in the acquisition and disposal of assets, in the financing, structuring and mode of detention of these and we put at your disposal our network of experts (notaries, architects, ... )
  • Your investments in private equity: we support you in the choice of your investments ...
  • Your other investments (art, philanthropy): we put at your disposal our network of experts.