The family officer accompanies and advises families in the overall management and transmission of their assets, working closely with asset management specialists and legal and tax experts who are recognized in their field of activity.

Services for client families include:

A patrimonial audit

+We set out a balance sheet comprising:

  • Your personal, professional and patrimonial situation.
  • Your objectives (invest in the best legal and tax conditions ... protect your family, transfer all or part of your assets to your children, spouses, foundations, following a business sale, recreate income in the best conditions ...)

This review will enable us to offer you adapted solutions that fully meet your objectives.

Consolidated dedicated reporting

+This consolidated reporting will allow you to have a global view of all your assets (financial and other) and will serve as a basis for any decision-making concerning the achievement or change of objectives, a desire to rationalize the allocation of your assets ...

Investment advisory activity

+As a true conductor, we are in a position to accompany you in your investments, both financial and real estate, holding of participations, philanthropic projects ...

Consultancy in financial and patrimonial engineering

+Based on your financial balance sheet, we help you meet your objectives in the best economic, legal and tax conditions.

We will therefore propose to set up a permanent control system and work closely with the wealth engineering services of banks and insurance companies as well as with a network of experts to achieve your objectives.

We carry out regular reviews and updates of your patrimonial balance in order to elaborate our suggestions according to the evolution of the family, the changes of objectives, legislative evolutions ...


  • Transmit all or part of your private wealth (donation in full ownership or dismemberment? Donations with or without expenses? Cost of the donation ...)
  • Transmission / transfer of your business
  • International issues: how to invest abroad? How to relocate? ...)

Family and corporate governance advisory

+We are at your disposal to deal with a wide range of family and governance issues, as heritage and organizational considerations are specific to each family and company (transgenerational transmission, formation of the new generation ...

We can, should you wish, organize and moderate family council or a work-related meeting on specific points (taxation, art, how to develop the family patrimony ...)

Philanthropic projects advisory

+We offer you the opportunity to accompany you in your philanthropic projects by placing your aspirations and ambitions at the heart of our relationship. Our experts advise you at every stage of your project, from the definition of your commitments to the implementation and day-to-day management of the structure adapted to your philanthropy needs.

High-quality concierge services

+We put our network of experts at your disposal in order to best meet your needs.