Our team of experts, always available, ensures that we have an independent and transparent management based on a rigorous investment process and a strategy appropriate to each client. Our approach, both patrimonial and fundamental, tends to aim for stable returns over the medium / long term, while being responsive to the macroeconomic and financial environment.

The choice of liquid financial instruments is favored across the major asset classes. Emphasis is placed on individual investments lines (stocks and bonds), based on a fundamental approach (in-depth balance sheet analysis, industry and competition analysis). We also rely on a selection of external investment funds in the interests of diversification and to expose ourselves to specific areas.

Our combined philosophy :

  • Fundamental approach (in-depth analysis of the balance sheet, analysis of the sector of activity and competition, etc.)
  • Independence and transparency
  • Diversification and liquidity of investments
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to changes in the economic and financial environment
  • Expertise and accessibility of teams