Key Information

Risk Indicator :
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Investment universe

Performance objective
3% to 5% per annum

Volatility objective
3% to 5% per annum

Investment horizon
>3 years


  • Legal form: Fund UCITS V

  • Fondo investito in obbligazioni denominate in euro, puo’ investire in obbligazioni emesse da società europee di categoria Investment Grade e High Yield.

  • Fundamental-based approach relatively close to that practiced by private equity investors with a thorough knowledge of companies and their balance sheet structure.

  • Active management of duration and exposure to credit risk.

Isin : LU0927887504 Creation Date : 25/11/2013

114,22 euros


Updated : 11.09.2019
Midas Bond Opportunities A

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Isin : LU0541880133 Creation Date : 17/09/2010

132,39 euros


Updated : 11.09.2019
Midas Bond Opportunities B

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Isin : LU1452411033 Creation Date : 21/12/2017

106,99 euros


Updated : 11.09.2019
Midas Bond Opportunities I

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Our Funds

Midas Wealth Management has developed a range of UCITS funds managed according to a fundamental approach. We invest in equity and bond markets, mainly through individual lines. This is a true conviction-based management relying on a rigorous process of selection of financial instruments selection and which favors the valuation as well as the fundamentals of companies. In addition, we also offer the opportunity for our investors to invest in two specialised investment funds, that are registered under the RAIF format and dedicated to private debt and private equity.